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    The section of this forum is called "Offers on development of DC FXstart. Comparison of DC FXstart with other brokers" but isn't visible that someone compared - I will begin then :archer:

    At the moment in network there are three brokers who give bonuses for posts (everywhere there are cent accounts):

    1. Forex Broker - payment for a post 0,4 c.u. (ForexStart gives directly 100 or 300 c.u. and it isn't necessary to post :)))) the Highlight is the spread on an eurodollar 1pips! Very fast execution (quicker than in Start)

    2. Instaforex - develops, a solid campaign in spite of the fact that is one year younger than Start, is made much more.

    3. Light Forex - well it is clear here - very solid DC, very seriously treat the reputation (here better not to analyze Start at all :))))
    Well and two more of the most popular DTs:

    Broko is the leader of tenders! (The start was carried away on a stretcher - urgent resuscitation is required! :))))
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